February Frost!

Not one to want to miss out on a photo opportunity....it is my job! I was pleased when I woke up today to see a beautiful, cold, sunny morning that had not only been touched by Jack frost but well and truly grabbed and shaken.

Now in an ideal world I would have had a hearty breakfast, layered up and gone for a long walk as soon as the sun was up to capture some amazing pictures of the frost in all its untouched glory......but as for many of us reality smacked me firmly back down to the ground.

My wife is fantastic and we do work brilliantly as a team, BUT unless its a paying job I have to fulfill my obligations....having a 3 year old and a very soon to be 7 year old (2 more sleeps...yay) means there is the morning routine to contend with. I'm sure you can imagine that after weetabix, shredded wheat, packed lunch, maths homework, an 8am nursery drop off, and then a 9am school drop off there wasn't much frost left.

But I'm not one to be beaten, so by 9.15 I was on my way to the local park (its between the tip and the M11......paradise).

Hunting out shadow that had saved the frost from its inevitable demise (melting of course) was a challenge, but as soon as I left my house I noticed that some still remained on the cars outside. With the absence of a macro lens (its on my list........its a long list) I had to make do with what I had to hand, my fairly new 35mm 1.4 ...... a beautiful lens, I was actually able to get a few pics that I am happy with considering. It was just a bit of fun really, nice to get out on such a beautiful day.....I guess its back to work now!

Have a nice day everyone.