Crossfit Battlebox

The blogging has slowed down….partly due to being very busy and partly due to having an extension and living in a building site for months…all done now thank god….apart from the decorating ‘I can do it myself’ I said….not realising just how much there would be!!!


Anyway I’m heading back to a job I did at the beginning of the year, my local Crossfit gym wanted some images they could use to promote themselves on social media etc so I popped down whilst they were having an in house competition for charity, more opportunities to get some great shots.


Now you may be wondering how images of people who are cleary in extreme pain by choice would promote the gym and get more people to want to do the same……exactly what I was thinking…..crazy crazy people…..but then again I have been a member for the last 2 years!

(I was going to say I’ve been going for the last 2 years…but that wouldn’t be strictly true…I may have missed the odd week…or two)