Crossfit Battlebox

The blogging has slowed down….partly due to being very busy and partly due to having an extension and living in a building site for months…all done now thank god….apart from the decorating ‘I can do it myself’ I said….not realising just how much there would be!!!


Anyway I’m heading back to a job I did at the beginning of the year, my local Crossfit gym wanted some images they could use to promote themselves on social media etc so I popped down whilst they were having an in house competition for charity, more opportunities to get some great shots.


Now you may be wondering how images of people who are cleary in extreme pain by choice would promote the gym and get more people to want to do the same……exactly what I was thinking…..crazy crazy people…..but then again I have been a member for the last 2 years!

(I was going to say I’ve been going for the last 2 years…but that wouldn’t be strictly true…I may have missed the odd week…or two)


February Frost!

Not one to want to miss out on a photo is my job! I was pleased when I woke up today to see a beautiful, cold, sunny morning that had not only been touched by Jack frost but well and truly grabbed and shaken.

Now in an ideal world I would have had a hearty breakfast, layered up and gone for a long walk as soon as the sun was up to capture some amazing pictures of the frost in all its untouched glory......but as for many of us reality smacked me firmly back down to the ground.

My wife is fantastic and we do work brilliantly as a team, BUT unless its a paying job I have to fulfill my obligations....having a 3 year old and a very soon to be 7 year old (2 more sleeps...yay) means there is the morning routine to contend with. I'm sure you can imagine that after weetabix, shredded wheat, packed lunch, maths homework, an 8am nursery drop off, and then a 9am school drop off there wasn't much frost left.

But I'm not one to be beaten, so by 9.15 I was on my way to the local park (its between the tip and the M11......paradise).

Hunting out shadow that had saved the frost from its inevitable demise (melting of course) was a challenge, but as soon as I left my house I noticed that some still remained on the cars outside. With the absence of a macro lens (its on my list........its a long list) I had to make do with what I had to hand, my fairly new 35mm 1.4 ...... a beautiful lens, I was actually able to get a few pics that I am happy with considering. It was just a bit of fun really, nice to get out on such a beautiful day.....I guess its back to work now!

Have a nice day everyone.

Elf the Musical

In November I was invited to the Final dress rehearsal of Elf the musical to capture their productions shots.


It was great fun, and I now have the utmost respect for everyone involved when you see the whole thing come together seamlessly.


Actors Headshots

I worked with writer and director Daniel Johnson last year when he was doing a day of showreels for 5 actors who also required headshots, it was great fun, and a lovely group of people.


I tried to keep it all as relaxed as possible, everyone was very happy and I managed to get what they all wanted.


Dan also wanted me to get a few shots of him in action, which I was more than happy to do.

Headshot sessions are £225 or £200 for students, please see my headshot gallery, under the Portfolio tab above, for more information.

Hackney Council - Great Eastern buildings

I was asked to photograph the internal and external areas of this high quality development to showcase the work that Hackney Council is doing to regenerate the area.


The emphasis was very much to be on the quality of the build, something that the client was very happy with and wanted to show off, so lots of detail shots, the final clean hadn't been done so I had to roll my sleeves up and get the cleaning clothes out.....all part of the service.


Images taken over 2 days as the site was still being finished and typically the inside day was the hottest of the year.

Flying high at the o2

I'm completely new to the world of blogging, I tend not to shout about my work too much, but I'm told that's not too good for business........who knew, so here goes.

I was very lucky to be asked to photograph Ben Forster's performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the o2. Ben himself invited me to document him playing the part he had won on the reality show of the same name a year earlier.

Performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical with Ben were Tim Minchin, Melanie C and Chris Moyles to name a few (obligatory name drops). Having never been behind the scenes at a musical, especially one on this scale, I was surprised to see how relaxed everyone was, and how welcoming they ALL were, I just had to be careful not to get in the way at crucial moments and to make it even more fun backstage it was dark....very very dark, with no flash allowed I had to rely on my experience and equipment to be able to get what I needed and what Ben wanted.

It was a fantastic job, and I managed to make a very good friend in Ben, we have since been to see him play the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera and we have also taken the kids to see him play Elf, they were absolutely thrilled when they were able to go back and meet him in his dressing room, a lovely guy.

Strangely my wife persuaded me that I needed an assistant on this job, the only time she has ever been so persistent......she was a huge Spice Girls fan so nothing to do with meeting Mel C......nothing at all.